The MDR EUDAMED Specialists

Taking the pain out of compliance is a private company with the mission of helping the MedTech industry navigate the European Commission’s MDR EUDAMED data requirements.

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If you require on- or off-site training for your IT team,  RA and QA professionals, on the MDR Eudamed requirements, the application,  Machine-to-Machine and access points, both technical and non-technical training on MDR Eudamed is available.



Problems preparing your data, problems using the application, problems with the XML, XSD validation, or first registering? We can help. More…


Software and EUDAMED Templates

You populate our spreadsheet templates with your UDI Device data, then you upload the populated spreadsheet to our online system and we process the data for you. We validate it against the various rules, and submit the prepared data to EUDAMED for you, managing all the requirements. More…


Data exchange and access points

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) data exchange – we can help with your eDelivery access point choices, in-house or external as a service. More…


Projects and consultancy

The projects to prepare your data to meet the XML and MDR Eudamed business rules are complex and should not be underestimated. Expert consultancy will help get you there faster and more accurately. Allow us to help you meet the MDR Eudamed challenges. More…


Access Point Application Integrations

Access points require companies to build custom plugins to integrate their in-house applications with their CEF eDelivery compliant access points, we can help.

We are the EUDAMED specialists

What we do

We are the only company in the world to have worked directly with the European Commission on MDR EUDAMED.

For EUDAMED we are available to help you with:

  • Training – Confused by MDR EUDAMED? Baffled by the EC publications? We can help with technical and non-technical training on the EC’s EUDAMED requirements.
  • Templates – we have completed the hard work for you, we created MDR, MDD, SPP, IVDR, and IVDD, templates for your EUDAMED Device data preparation.
      • Authorised Representative EUDAMED templates.
      • Distributor EUDAMED registry templates.
      • Importer EUDAMED registry templates.
  • Software – we convert, validate, provide you with the XML to upload OR upload your data to the EC for you.
  • Consultancy – Anything you need from EUDAMED IT project advice, data preparation and uploads to eDelivery access points we can help.
  • Support – On-going data and XML support issues, registration and user management.
  • Machine to Machine – eDelivery – Access points – use ours or we can set up and manage yours.
  • Access Point Integration Our extensive experience can help create the required IT plugins.

Training is necessary for companies to make informed decisions, the EC publications are confusing and are leaving companies feeling they are missing information. This is not the case, all the information to proceed with the required change management and IT projects is available, our training will save you time and money in understanding the EC requirements. Our scheduled training dates are available here.

Cost effectiveness, you can save on resources by using our  software (software as a service). This service converts your data from excel/csv/json to the EC XML formats plus validates it against their 100’s of rules. Reduces the risk of failed and refused EC uploads. Why reinvent the wheel, we have already completed the work.

Whatever assistance you need with MDR Eudamed, we can help. We will do everything we can to ensure your compliance with the MDR Eudamed system is as painless and cost effective as possible.

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