About Us

We are the MDR Eudamed specialists. Our business is helping you achieve compliance with the MDR Eudamed requirements. Whatever your needs, we can help you. By taking advantage of our extensive EC application expertise, your MDR Eudamed experience will be a very easy one. Page down for more information.
Your MDR Eudamed system and support experts

Here to help with your MDR Eudamed needs

We are a highly experienced team of IT professionals who have been working with the EC IT systems since 2004.

The team is the only specialist MDR Eudamed company in Europe and beyond. No other company can claim or prove to have as much MDR Eudamed experience as we currently have.

Our teams specialise in system support and management, project management, IT implementations/integrations, programming, data processing, XML preparation, XSD validation, training, CEF eDelivery, REST & SOAP services, and everything related to MDR Eudamed. In short whatever assistance you need with MDR Eudamed, we can help.

These highly specialised IT, project management and IT support teams are here to help you. Our involvement with your daily use of MDR-Eudamed can be as much or as little as you want and need. We are here to assist you. We will do everything we can to ensure your compliance with the MDR-Eudamed system is as painless as possible.

Your MDR-Eudamed needs

As the only company specialising in MDR Eudamed we are perfectly placed to assist you with any and all of your needs and requirements. From general support, to data processing and conversion to XML, to the needs of organisations who want to run MDR Eudamed projects in-house, we are the experts, and we can help you.

We have teams available to prepare your systems on site at your location in addition to teams prepared to assist you with any on-site or off-site data processing needs. If you want your own CEF eDelivery access point for machine-to-machine data exchange or if you wish to avail of our access point, we have solutions to help you.

If you have an MDR Eudamed need that we do not currently cater for, please ask.

We look forward to helping you comply with your MDR Eudamed needs.

Project management

Preparing your systems to produce the EC-required XML in order to meet all the EC set business rules is a major project not to be underestimated.

We have specialist teams that can assist you with the whole process. From preparing the XML for simple upload to preparing and configuring your access point for machine-to-machine data delivery.

Whatever your Eudamed needs – let us help you.

Data processing and last mile delivery

We have prepared systems to process your data, Excel, JSON or CSV. We can convert your data to the required EC XML specifications. Not only can we convert it but we can validate it to ensure it meets the EC rules.

Avoid rejection problems when uploading your data to MDR-Eudamed. Let us process and validate your data. We can even upload it on your behalf.

Let us manage your data processing and validation needs.