Data Processing is available to help you with your data processing. Let us take care of your uploaded data, Excel, CSV, or JSON data. We convert to the EC XML data formats and validate your data ensuring that there will be no problems when you upload your data to the EC.
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Eudamed Data Processing

We can assist you in the preparation of your data for upload to MDR-Eudamed. Data preparation is not simply about converting it to XML, there is also the validation against the XSD and the need to meet EC business rules. Failure to validate correctly or to meet the defined business rules means your uploads of data will not be accepted into MDR-Eudamed.

We can help you with your data preparation, be it validating what you have prepared prior to upload or taking your CSV or JSON data, converting it and validating it.

There are several ways you can get your data into MDR-Eudamed. Firstly, you can upload XML data via the internal MDR-Eudamed upload form or via your own installation of an eDelivery access point, or, finally, manually via the MRD-Eudamed web application. You can prepare the XML data and upload it or you can type the information directly into the web application.

For all the options, if you want the data prepared, validated and uploaded, or manually typed in for you then we can help. Contact us with any questions, we will be more than happy to assist you. can help at every point of this process from training to support, data processing (JSON, CSV, Excel, to XML), validation of the XML, project management, to uploads. In addition we offer a full MDR-Eudamed managed service, taking care of everything on your behalf.

As much assistance as you need – can provide it. MDR-Eudamed is our business. Let our expertise solve your MDR-Eudamed problems.

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