Software Leasing is available to help you with your required data processing and validation. If you want to keep your data on your servers, why not save yourselves €1000's and lease our software, installed on your servers. The software converts and validates your data to the EC XML data formats, ensuring that there will be no problems when you upload your data to the EC. Leasing keeps your data on your servers and saves not only your IT resources but financially.
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Eudamed Software Leasing

Eudamed software leasing is an option to help you avoid costly EC upload failures. We provide online data processing and data validation services. We provide companies with a template for their data. This is uploaded to us, we process the data converting it to the EC required XML structures and validate it against the numerous business rules.

We are fully aware that not all companies will be happy to upload their data to our service. This is why you can also install our software directly on your server, we will lease you our software.

On your server you will provide the populated data template and your leased software will convert the data to the required XML, in addition to validating it against the EC business and data rules.

If the EC changes rules, this is not a problem, we will supply you with the updated software scripts in a timely fashion.

This option gives you 100% control over your data, it stays on your server in your network and it removes a major development burden. This burden is in the IT development project that your IT teams would need to complete. A project that is required to create and validate the correct EC Eudamed accepted XML structure and data. An additional burden is the ongoing maintenance of the validation code, the business rules and requirements.

Every time the EC updates their rules you will have a short period of time to update your systems. Not only is this a general burden but it also requires expensive IT resources, and resources that are competent in understanding the EC’s complex data structures.

If you are happy to do all the programming required within your own IT teams and you would like to have training on the data structures, XSD’s, business rules and XML structures, then we do provide training, support, and consultancy for companies.

As much assistance as you need – can provide it. MDR Eudamed is our business. Let our expertise solve your MDR Eudamed problems.

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