Eudamed Training

MDR-Eudamed is a very complex system. Using the system will require a lot of time and understanding from the end users. The end users can get very frustrated with systems especially new ones if they do not understand them. Training is crucial, training will save endless hours of wasted productivity by providing the information needed in a simply structured manner. will provide training packages for the MDR Eudamed database, both the application and the data exchange XML requirements.
We are the MDR Eudamed specialists

Eudamed Training

There are many ways can support your companies MDR Eudamed training needs. This is a very complex application with hundreds of different data and business rules.

We can provide training both onsite in your premises and/or in varying managed locations group training sessions. We provide various training courses for the Eudamed GUI, the data exchange (XML, XSD validation etc).

The GUI course covers the various MDR Eudamed modules that you will need and use. For example manufacturers will require UDI, Vigilance, and to some extent the user management, where as notified bodies will be more concerned with the certificates module, and several parties will want training on clinical investigations and vigilance.

We have other courses covering the data exchange which covers the access point data delivery configurations, the xml formats and requirements, application business rules, and how to prepare your data for upload to the EC Eudamed database.

Contact us to let us know your Eudamed training requirements and we can schedule the courses for you.

We can provide you with as much MDR Eudamed assistance as you need, this is our business. Let our expertise solve your MDR Eudamed problems.

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