Eudamed Training

MDR-EUDAMED is a very complex system, preparing your data for the system requires a lot of research and understanding, and this brings risks of mistakes. Training is crucial, training will save endless hours of wasted productivity by providing the information needed in a simply structured manner. Page down to see the courses and options are providing, covering everything from the front end to the back end, and machine to machine transfers.
We are the MDR EUDAMED specialists

Eudamed Training

EUDAMED is a very complex application with an abundance of different data requirements and hundreds of business rules. Because of the complexity of the published information by the European Commission and the possibility of companies making costly mistakes we feel EUDAMED training is essential, it will save organisations time and effort in needless research and analysis of the EC requirements, in addition to mitigating the risk of costly mistakes.

We provide training both on- and off-site in various managed locations for group training sessions in addition to providing online training.

We offer you an exclusive EUDAMED course which is suitable for all audiences.

The EUDAMED training course is for RA/QA’s, IT, Management, Consultants, and any EUDAMED interested parties. Our EUDAMED training covers the inner workings of EUDAMED, the course also covers the main web application and UDI Device, Actors and User management web input forms. This course covers everything you and your team need to prepare for the complexities of the MDR EUDAMED requirements.

In addition to scheduled courses that we deliver we are also licencing our training program directly to manufacturers so their inhouse trainers can deliver the courses. We are also licensing the course to selected training companies who can deliver our courses to their clients worldwide, please complete the form below to receive more information.

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